How To Use Kegel/Ben Wa Balls For Optimal Orgasmic Pleasure

Since 50 Shades of Grey has captivated millions of women’s attention the sale of Kegel Balls has risen by 400%.  For years I have been speaking of both the pleasure and health benefits of these amazing sexual enhancers. Finally, because of a few scenes where Anastasia Steele has some mind-blowing experiences, women are rushing out to get theirs.  Are they setting themselves up for disappointment, or is it true that Kegels Balls, also known as Ben Wa balls (although there are differences), really can provide optimal orgasmic pleasure?  From personal experience I know that they can, you just have to know how to use them?

Step One:  Find Your Type- There are a number of different products on the market that are labeled as Kegel Balls, Ben Wa Balls, Crystal Eggs, Sexercisors and so on.  In my opinion it’s important to try a wide variety of products so that you can find what personally works best for you.  I love Smart Balls by Fun Factory, Luna Pleasure Bead System by Lelo, and Glass Eggs by NS Novelties.

Step Two:  Insertion- Before you begin make sure that you empty your bladder.  I always ascribe to a little foreplay before inserting anything into your vaginal canal.  Even if you are self-pleasuring.  In 50 Shades, Ana and Christian are in constant states of arousal when near each other, so by the time they start having any kind of penetration she is very turned on and her body is ready.  Take some time to build some external arousal before inserting your balls or eggs and use a little lubricant on your product as you insert it.  If you want a tingle effect I highly recommend Aloe Cadabra’s seasonal flavor of Candy Cane Peppermint (not out until Christmas season- while you wait try the Pina Colada.).  For more than one ball it is fun to play with squeezing around the ball and working on sucking them in by exercising your own muscles instead of having to push them in with your hands.

Step Three: Play for Pleasure- If you are using balls or eggs that have a string attached to them try building more arousal with your favorite type of clitoral stimulation.  Use your fingers or a vibrator.  Or if you have a partner handy then have them try oral stimulation too.  Now, give the string a little tug so that you can feel the weight or pressure of the balls or egg inside of you, this is one of my favorite techniques.  Some external genital massage is perfect if you are practicing this as foreplay and know that you are ultimately seeking intercourse.

If you do not have a string attached try different positions where you will feel the weight of the objects inside of you.  Squatting is a good one.  If you have balls that jiggle like the Smart Balls then can rock your pelvis to feel the movement of them inside.  Some eggs and balls allow you to also have intercourse while they are inside.  This gives both pleasure for him and for her, but I would only advise doing this with smaller balls that have strings attached so that you don’t get them pushed up too far against your cervix.

Step Four:  Play for Sexual Health-  Ben-Wa and Kegel Balls are excellent for your pelvic floor health.  They can help you to strengthen you PC muscles, which leads back to pleasure because stronger muscles mean stronger orgasms.  Before inserting the balls get in touch with the different muscles of your pelvic floor.  Sheri Winston’s book Women’s Anatomy of Arousal is an excellent resource for understanding your pelvic muscles and how they correspond to pleasure.  Squeeze your muscles drawing the balls or egg inside of you.  Play with pushing the egg or balls in and out of you.  Try different positions such as sitting (rock your hips while squeezing your thighs together), standing (more hips in a circle) and squatting.

The benefits of Ben-Wa, Kegel Balls and Eggs are many and I am so happy that women are discovering the powerful pleasure that can be derived from using them because ultimately it will improve their sexual health.  Happily orgasmic and healthy women will make the world a better place.

Do you have a favorite way to use your Kegel Balls?  Or a story to share?   Enlighten us and comment below.

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