Top 5 Oral Sex Techniques That Will Blow Her Away

NWSE.NAOS.0370Okay guys, listen up!  What I am about to share with you will most likely change your sex life in a big way.  In my opinion, Connected cunnilingus is a must if you want to really pleasure your lover.  My biggest tips: go slow, pay attention and stay present with her. Do those and you'll set yourself apart from most of the guys out there.  And to top it off here are 5 Techniques that can lift your oral skills to mind-blowing status.

#1- Confidence

Confidence in a lover is a huge turn on. Let her know that you feel confident with the following technique.

Step One: Place your mouth over her vulva with your tongue flat against her labia.  Hold here and let your saliva run freely.

Step Two: You can look her in the eyes as you do this and massage her inner thighs with light strokes and deeper kneading. Every now and then you can tease her with a little movement of your head or tongue.

#2-  Rolling Clit

Yummy is all I can say about this next technique.

Step One: Use your lips to squeeze over the shaft of her clitoris, it’s a tube similar to your penis that is between the head of her clit and bottom of her pubic bone.  Shmush and roll your lips together like your are rubbing chapstick into them.

Step Two: At the same time use the tip of your tongue to flick over the head of her clit.

Option: As an alternative to your lips on the shaft, try your fingers. Gently take her shaft of her clit between your forefinger and thumb and roll and massage it as you flick your tongue on the head of her clitoris.

#3- U Got It

The U-spot-otherwise known as the Urethral Opening or head of the G-spot is located just above the opening to the vagina. It is often overlooked, but it loves oral stimulation.

Step One: Gently spread the inner labia with your fingers and look for a small hole above the opening to her vagina. If your partner knows where it is, she can help you find just the right spot.

Step Two: Use your fingers to hold her labia open so that your tongue can get access to this small spot.  The tip of the tongue works best. Try light tapping pressure at first., You don’t want to bruise the Urethra so play with what pressure works best.

Note: If she feels like she has the urge to urinate, that is perfectly normal. I would add that it is okay to encourage her to relax into that sensation; there is usually orgasm behind it.

#4- D. Love’s Delight

This is one of my personal favorites, which was invented by one of my lovers. I was so excited that he was creating unique techniques just for my body. I didn’t have to teach him.  He was able to be creative because he paid great attention to my body. He took the time to learn about my pleasure spots, how I like to be touched, how much pressure to apply, for how long and where.  He noticed that I really liked combination techniques that incorporated both my G-spot and my clitoris, so he created something that could get the job done!  You can do this too. You can take any of these techniques and modify them based on what you learn about your partner and what touch turns her on the most.

Step One: With the finger that is inside her vagina stimulate her G-spot in a come-hither motion. A little review- to find her G-spot insert your finger just to your first knuckle and curl it up so that you can feel the roof of her vagina.  You are feeling for a rough spot that has ridges similar to the ones on the roof of your mouth.  You will all feel valleys on either side of the G-spot.  These valleys will get deeper and deeper as she get’s more aroused.  About 70% of women have their G-spot in this area.  If you don’t feel it there, go deeper into her vaginal canal and explore for rough areas on the roof.  It is best to anchor your finger into her G-spot and then move the tissue with your finger.

Step Two: At the same time squeeze and stroke the shaft of her clit between your forefinger and thumb of your other hand.

Step Three: While you are stroking both the shaft of her clit and her g-spot, lick or suck on the head of her clitoris.

#5- The PS and C

I just have to address another overlooked spot in here!  I call it the PS-Spot.  It’s short for Perineal Sponge.  This spot is between vaginal floor and the anal wall.  If she is lying on her back the floor is the bottom of her vagina. Stimulating helps your partner to lubricate more and it’s another area of her erectile network that engorges with blood.  In other words, it’s another place she can have an orgasm!

Step One: Have your partner lie on her back. With your palm facing down insert your index finger into her vagina.  Use the same come-hither motion that you do on her G-spot, but now you are stroking the bottom of her vagina.  It may feel weird to her at first, but invite her to relax into the sensation.  Like the U-Spot and urination, when this spot is stimulated it may feel like she has to go #2.  It’s okay, it’s normal.

Step Two: Okay, so now you have the PS-Spot; it’s time for your mouth to do some magic on her clitoris.  Use long licks with your tongue from her U-Spot to the head of her clit.  Alternate with side-to-side tongue lashings (hint- use your head in a side to side motion not your tongue).

I know that you'll enjoy and if you work it right she'll enjoy too!  For more on oral sex check out my new book and get some sexy gifts.


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