WOMEN, SEX & SATISFACTION: Moving Into the Fullest Expression of Your Sensuality
August 1-3, The Omega Institute, Rinebeck, NY

What do women want out of sex? What provokes us, what satisfies us, and how does this change over the years both in relationships and on our own? Although we are surrounded by sexual images in the media, how do we deeply connect with our own sexual selves, which are often hidden and mysterious?

We will embark on a journey of self-discovery, taking the time to look within ourselves to reflect on our histories and the forces that shaped our sexuality, and discover ways to transcend our blocks to create a life and relationships that are both sustainable and satisfying.

This provocative program includes plenty of opportunities for dialogue. It is open to women of all ages and of any background.

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Super Sex Make-Over Retreat
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Women’s Sacred Sexuality Workshop

Female Anatomy and Arousal: You will learn all of the lost parts of your anatomy and the arousal network, how hormones and emotion effect your body, and even what pleasures these parts best!

Tantric Yoga: Based on the Ipsalu Tantra Daily Practice, you will learn Intention, Movement, Meditation, Arousal, and how to Transmute Sexual Energy throughout your body. We will also explore the VajraYogini practice a ritual once used by the Tantric Tibetan Nuns.

Introduction to Taoist Sexual Practice: Use your Sexuality to cultivate health and wellness through your systems. We will practice rejuvenative techniques for youth and vitality.

Sexual Shamanism: Based on the teachings of Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Sylvia Brallier, and Wilbert Alex these introductory techniques teach you how to make love on all levels and without physical touch.

Introduction to Energy Orgasms: Learn the anatomy of the Energetic Orgasm and beginnings of Energetic Lovemaking.

Join Jaiya and leading Tantra Teachers as they guide you through techniques that can help you to cultivate your Powerful Sexual Energy. Learn Energetic Self Loving and Tantric Meditation as a spiritual practice that rejuvenates and revitalizes your entire being.

There will be a powerful women’s circle that goes deep into what it means to be both a spiritual and sexual being and is a rite of passage into unknown doorways of pleasure! Sacred Sexuality for Women is a non-explicit workshop. There will be not nudity or sexual interaction, although we will discuss explicit material.

Jaiya is not only an expert in the field of sexuality, but also an excellent speaker, with a background in theatrical arts and entertainment. She has appeared on national television, mainstream radio and film as a Sex Expert. She has also lectured and trained students at colleges across the nation.

Topics Include:

    • Female Sexual Empowerment- Sexual Abuse Prevention
    • Erotic Massage
    • Sex, Drugs and Alcohol- Why they don’t mix.
    • Sexuality 101- Jaiya answers all your questions
    • Dating and Relationships
    • Sexual Pleasure and Health
    • G-Spot, P-Spot, A-Spot- Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure
    • Control Your Orgasm For Men
    • Sacred Sexuality (Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic Practices)
    • Overcoming Cultural Conditioning for Shame Free Sexuality
    • Sexual Charisma- Be A Leader and Manifest Your Desires
    • The Truth About Female Ejaculation
    • Discover Your Core Erotic Blueprint

Jaiya offers no-holds-barred advice stemming from years of education and personal experience. Audiences fall in love with her girl-next-door style and open sexuality. She is available for evening lectures, smaller break-out sessions, and day long trainings.

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