The Stages of Sexuality


Sex is an adventure with unexplored, untapped erotic possibilities; you
can tap into all that‚ is erotically possible!

Are you afraid to really get adventurous? Maybe your partner isn’t quite up to your
speed, or maybe you’ve been judged or ridiculed for your enthusiastic explorations? You
might have even judged yourself for what you consider kinky, and therefore you hold
back your authentic expression of pleasure. Or perhaps you are really diving into some
grand adventures and the quality of education that you desire isn’t available to you?

It was just a few years ago that I actually started to explore my wild side. I still had
a lot of shame around pleasure. BDSM (Bondage, Dominance/Submission, Sadist/
Masochism) was something I couldn’t understand. I’d only had few sexual partners
because I was afraid that being sexual adventurous meant that I was “bad”. I had a lot of
crap from religious dogma, conservative mid-western ideals, and my own judgments to
shake off. But I did it.

The next challenge was seeking out great education, which wasn’t easy. I’ve spent
a lot time researching the top educators in what I consider adventurous sexuality and
relationships. And now I’m on to really dedicating myself to exploring all that is
erotically possible in this human body and how much aliveness I can derive out of my
intimate relationships. Let me tell you, the voyage has been exquisite.

Besides having a partner who’s really into some kinky stuff, I’ve spent the last number
of years as a sexologist exploring the taboo. I’m not just reading about it, I’m currently
practicing it. I’m even working on a new DVD series all about BDSM. But I have to say
that my favorite taboo is Anal play and as a certified Sexological Bodyworker I’ve done
thousands of anal massages!

And, I’m also exploring relationship in a unique way. My mission is to have the most
alive and free relationships with deep intimacy and connection. We all desire freedom
and we all desire connection. Can you have both when in relationship? YES! And it
takes some adventure and openness. It isn’t for everyone, but no matter what form of
relationship you are choosing (polyamory, monogamy, swininging), you can incorporate
elements of aliveness into your ways of relating.

I’m also on a mission to take these practices ou of the dark; to “normalize” them per say.
Since I believe that pleasure is our birthright and that sexuality is simply part of who
we are, then those people who choose practices things that society considers “taboo”
or “kinky” should not be judged (as long as no one is being forced or hurt without
consent). You can join me in this mission!

Let me teach you what I’ve learned and what I’m currently learning and creating! This is
some cutting edge stuff that I haven’t seen taught anywhere else. I’ve put together all my
training to create some really fun ways for you to explore the edges of your sexuality.

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Not to worry, I understand that confidentiality is important and that not everyone wants
to share their sexual adventures. I won’t share your information with anyone, but I’m
super excited to share my adventures with you.

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