The Stages of Sexuality


Gaining knowledge about your sexuality can change your sex life and
relationships in ways you’ve never imagined.

Maybe you’ve felt like you have been fumbling in the dark your entire life? Your parents
didn’t teach you about sex. Your school didn’t teach you about sex. And all the popular
magazines out there aren’t offering you ā€š “real” sex education. It’s frustrating when
you’re curious and you want to get great information but there’s a lack of excellent
comprehensive sex education out there.

I remember being a teenager and trying to find out about sex. I wanted to know how
everything worked. I tried getting some books, but mostly I got my education from
romance novels and fumbling in the dark. Even though my mom was comfortable
talking about sex, I wasn’t all that comfortable asking her. Besides, she didn’t get any
education, how was she supposed to teach me? I’ve searched high and low for “real” sex
education that matches “real” experiences.

A lot of sex educators out there are brilliant; they research and report what they’ve
researched. I like to take things a lot further. I practice what I preach. I learn it, I
practice it, and then I teach it- but only if it proves effective for me or for my students. I’ve spent most of my life digging deep for the truth about sex and the sexual body. I’ve asked the big questions, done personal research and have found some really incredible answers. Sure I have certifications, licenses, and I’m working on my PH.Dā€š but what’s more important to me are the results.

One of the big things I’ve learned is that there is no limit to the amount of pleasure you
can experience. When you know the tools to get there, how your body works with those
tools, and how to play with your partner, anything is possible. I truly believe that sex is a
big part of our fullest human potential.

You are going to be blown away by all of the free information you will find in this
portion of my website. I’m going share a lot of what I’ve learned with valuable videos,
articles and podcast interviews with leading experts. I’ve charged thousands of dollars
for this information, but I’m sharing it with you at no cost.

Why? I’m on a mission to get this information out to the world and you can help me.
Let people know about this site, help them change their lives, subscribe to my newsletter
and join me and other people in shifting the lack of quality sex education in the world.
(Did you know that most of the female anatomy is still missing from medical textbooks?
We’ve got to change this.)

Don’t worry, I won’t share your information with anyone, it’s totally confidential. This
is Comprehensive Sex Ed! So you can rely on me for a wide range of education that you
can apply easily and effectively.

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