The Stages of Sexuality


You can overcome any obstacle to your sexual health and pleasure and
turn those obstacles into pathways for the best sex of your life!

Maybe you’ve experienced one of the following: sexual abuse, physical trauma, shame, fear, guilt, or even sexual numbness. If you’re a man you might be experiencing difficulty with premature ejaculation, or maybe you just aren‚Äôt staying hard like you used to. If you’re a women you might have suffered a tear during childbirth, you aren’t lubricating, you’ve lost your desire and sexual intercourse is downright painful. Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm.

It sucks when your sexual health isn’t where you want it to be.

I know that the work I do today is a direct result of my own path of sexual healing. I always feel a little vulnerable admitting that there have been moments in my life when sex was awful. I’ve come a long way. From peeling back deep levels of shame around sexual pleasure, healing emotions around sexual abuse, to overcoming painful sex due to scars from childbirth, I’ve also been in this stage of healing my sexuality. Most people have some time in their life when sex is affected by their overall health, their emotional past, or some kind of trauma. You are not alone.

I started my sexual healing path when I was 19. A year later I knew that I wanted to help others experience the depth of healing I had. It’s been a lifelong journey of learning,practicing and then teaching others what I have discovered. As part of my path I leaned everything I could about holistic health and almost went to medical school. Instead of med school I opted for “hands on” healing arts such as massage, craniosacral, healing touch and yoga. I blended my knowledge of holistic healing with my sexual healing knowledge and viola! I found myself with a very full time practice helping others.
Luckily the State of California offers a certification called Sexological Bodywork that allows me to work “hands on” teaching people how to get in touch with their bodies. This education often has a healing effect. Teaching sexual wellness and health is a huge passion of mine.

What’s different about my approach is a full-spectrum understanding of human sexuality. This includes East and West philosophies and techniques, working with your Psyche or emotions, helping you to overcome physical ailments that hold you back from optimal flexibility, and healing physical scars in the pelvic floor. I get results and people have changed their lives as a result of practicing the tips and techniques in my programs. That’s what’s most rewarding for me – changing people’s lives. And by changing your life you can help others too. Join Me!

If your sexuality is “healing” then you will be excited to know that I am going share tons of cutting edge information about healing and overcoming sexual obstacles in this portion of this website. And I’m putting it out there at no charge! Many of you are having economic hardship and I want to provide you with information that can help.

You might be thinking to yourself that change isn’t possible, but I’ve seen it in my students and I’ve done it myself. You can have the sexual life, relationship and happiness that you’ve always wanted. Stick with me.

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