The Stages of Sexuality


Even if you’re rarely having sex, you can start reconnecting and having the best quality and quantity sex of your lives. Change your life now!

Are you craving sexual connection? Are you in a sexless relationship and starving for physical intimacy? Or have you decided to take a break from sex, intimacy or even relationship with others in order to connect more deeply with yourself?

Feeling disconnected can be painful, especially if you are the one feeling rejected. I know I’ve been there. You reach out to the person you love or are attracted to and they repeatedly have some reason to stay at a distance. Maybe you’ve stopped trying to reach out all together. It hurts.

Even though I’m a Sex Expert I’ve had periods in my life when my sexuality was resting. I’ve been here. A few years ago my partner of 9 years and I had a traumatic event that caused us to put a pause on our sex life. His way to deal with the pain was go inside and disconnect. I needed connection in order to heal. We were on different planets. And we stopped having sex. I just recently had a baby, sex was so painful after his birth, that having intercourse was out of the question. These two times in my life taught me very valuable things about our sexuality. But I was able to overcome them and move into even deeper places of intimacy, connection and yes, passionate lovemaking like never before.

I believe that sexless relationships are a huge epidemic in our culture. Close to 85% of my practice consists of couples in relationships where there is a total lack of sexual intimacy. And if there is any sex happening, it feels disconnected. I’ve spent thousands of clinical hours with clients just like you. And I’ve found some cutting edge solutions to helping couples and singles (some who’ve been sexless for their entire life) to reignite the spark of passion and find the connection they desire.

I’m committed to a movement towards change and it starts with you. I’m talking about this subject, so that you realize that you aren’t so alone. I invite you to join me and become a successful leader in awakening connection between people who dearly love each other. It starts with you, right now, today.

This section of this site is for you. I could charge you thousands of dollars for this information, but I’m giving you this valuable expertise because I want to help you change your life. This advice stems from years of research, private practice, and personal experience. And I plan on adding lots more of information just for you.

If you study and practice the advice within these pages you will be well on your way to igniting the spark of connection both physically and emotionally that you so intensely desire. Dive into the articles, videos and podcasts and be sure to send me your questions.

And don’t worry it’s all confidential, I won’t share your name or information with the world, but the world will benefit from your questions. If you think that it isn’t possible to change your sex life, think again! I’ve worked with couples in the middle of divorce due to a lack of sex, I’ve worked with couples with serious illnesses, I’ve worked with couple who decided that they were sexually incompatibleā€š and they found solutions!

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