The Stages of Sexuality


You can have out of this world energetic orgasms,
transcendent sexual experiences, and life changing connections
all from learning transformational sexual practices.

Have you always felt that there had to be more to sex than just the physical? Perhaps
you’ve had a mind-blowing experience but it was fleeting and you want to learn how to
return to that state of enlightened sexuality? Perhaps you want to master the merging of
sex and spirit?

I’m Jaiya, a world- renowned somatic sexologist and founder of New World Sex
Education. My early experiences of pleasure were a blend of self-pleasure and prayer.
I really believed that sex and spirit went together- until society and religion taught me
otherwise. I could easily slip into altered states of consciousness during sexual pleasure.
At the age of 19, I started to study Tantric Sex with Bodhi Avinasha, I quickly became a
teacher of the Ipsalu Tantra method. Since then I have studied and explored other Tantric
traditions, Shamanic sexuality, and Taoist practices. I continue to dive down the rabbit
hole of transformative sexuality and I’m currently practicing some of the Taoist White
Tigress traditions.

I’ve spent most of my life dedicated to transformational sexuality. And I’ve had some
of the most amazing experiences and orgasms you wouldn’t believe. I’m on a mission
because I believe that transformational sex can heal our relationships with ourselves, our
lovers and the world. I have a comprehensive understanding of many of these teachings,
which I can offer to you. Now you can join me as a leader of transformation; by learning
these techniques you can help others get there too.

Change your life, by changing the way you make love.

The Recipe for Transformational Sex

10 Parts- Intention
5 Parts- Open Mouthed Breathing
10 Parts- Embodied Presence
4 Parts- Sound On The Exhale
10 Parts- Sensual Touch
8 Parts- Erotic Energy
3 Parts- Movement
10 Parts- Open Heart and Mind

Mix all ingredients slowly and let them blend for about at least and hour, preferably two.No batteries or partner required, although they can be nice additions.

Warning: Blissful states of consciousness may occur, please do not mix and drive.

You might be saying to yourself that this is just not possible, but let me tell you that
it is very possible and I’ve taken people who’ve never experienced energy or charkas
or anything like that to having energetic orgasms in one hour. Anyone can learn these
practices; you can learn these practices. I am able to take these ancient traditions and gift
them to the mainstream in a way that anyone can understand and practice. I’ve found a
way to demystify the mystic and give language to things that we simply have no language

I’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn all of these ingredients and to master them. The
good news is that you don’t have to.

In this section of the site I’m providing you with videos, articles and podcasts so that you
can learn more tools for transformative sexuality.

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